Handpicked reads for 6 to 9 year olds!

There was a time when I would cuddle with my little one over One Fish Two Fish by Dr. Suess or Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne. Reading out to the toddler in my lap who was only interested in the colourful pictures (and probably tearing the pages) and the different sounds I made when reading; I always wondered if my child will ever love books the way I do.

Days passed and my little one grew up; and like any other child his age, he was now interested in fast cars, action figures, climbing trees and of course, watching the ever present TV! From a young age, I have tried my best to make books and reading as much a part of his day as playing and watching TV; and I also tried to avoid all the typical and inadvertent mistakes with my little one that most parents tend to make (including yourstruly at times) when raising readers. But still, he wouldn’t read as much as I would really have loved him to.

So then I started to take him to the library regularly, leaving him to wander the aisles at leisure. I chose to never rush him and let him take home whatever book he wanted to read and slowly I began to see a change. Now he has a bunch of books (and book series) that he is very happy to read!
Today I am sharing with you a few of the books that got him hooked! He still plays and watches a lot of TV, but these are the books that keep him engaged every time he picks them up to read!

1)       The Fantastic Mr.Fox
This was one of the first of Roald Dahl’s books that my then five year-old devoured! It is the story of clever and adventurous Mr. Fox, who tricks not one or two but three wicked and cruel farmers in his quest to survive and make food available for his family and friends. The protagonist’s adventurous streak and his clever ploy to outsmart the three farmers are what endeared my little one to this book! “Oh, Mr. Fox is so clever! He just gets away every single time!” is what he had to say when I asked him about why he likes to read The Fantastic Mr. Fox. A sure success in little hands, this is one book I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a great book for their child 6 years and above. 

2)      Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Yes, Roald Dahl again! But then, a poor little boy, an eccentric factory owner and a fantastic chocolate factory with streams and waterfalls of chocolate and tiny singing men who are called, of all things, Oompa-Loompas; what’s not to love? Here’s a true blue rags to riches story of little Charlie who is extremely poor and lives in a very tiny little house with his parents and grandparents. He is so poor that chocolate is a luxury for him that he can afford only once a year on his birthday! (“Can you believe that? Just once a year Mum!” my little one was incredulous when he read that.) And then, one fine day everything changes, and how; when he gets the much coveted Golden Ticket to visit the eccentric Willie Wonka’s fantastic chocolate factory, which eventually leads him to actually own it!
3)      The Geronimo Stilton Series
In this super hilarious series Geronimo Stilton, Editor, Rodent’s Gazette (a mouse, running a rodents’ newspaper!) tells exhilarating stories to children of his electrifying escapades! He escapes dinosaurs, doubles up as a secret agent, fights witches, tours the North Pole and trains in the Amazon; all the while giving little minds up-to-date knowledge and information about the world around us! Excellent graphics, out-of-the-whack humour and great adventure stories have made Geronimo a favourite among the children of the world! The series also has books with Geronimo’s sister Thea Stilton as the protagonist and are also available in ‘comics’ format. Let your children have fun with this amazingly cheesy rodent and fall in love with reading at the same time! Believe me your little one will never stop asking for more!  

4)      The Captain Underpants Series
Well, if your little one isn’t already sold on the name of this series, then let me tell you; that the graphics and the slapstick humour in these Dav Pilkey books is like nothing else your child has ever read! This story of two boys who hypnotise their Principal turning him into Captain Underpants with the snap of their fingers; will have the imagination of little minds soaring! With parental guidance, this is a good series to introduce your raucous, reluctant seven year olds to. The humour may or may not appeal to you as a parent, and that is a choice you need to make; but if you do not take it too seriously, which your little ones surely will have no time to; you will have a child who reads laughing out loud every time he reads one of these!   

5)      The Big Nate Series
If your child enjoys reading fun and eccentric stuff about school and friends, then Lincoln Pierce’s Big Nate will keep your child occupied with his funny doodles and oodles of fun! Your little one will identify with this honestly hilarious sixth grader and connect with him; sharing the fun and the myriad of emotions they have in common. With hilarious takes on the familiar background of school, teachers, parents, friends – your child will be able to have a lot of fun with this series; and as an added bonus, there are plenty of sketches, loads of jokes and lots of comics to keep your little ones occupied and happy!

6)      The Worst Witch Series
This is the story of Mildred Hubble, who is attending Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches where she is supposed to get trained in the mystic world of magic and sorcery! But, as the name suggests, she is unfortunately not very good at being a “witch.” She fumbles on her spells, cannot control her cat, breaks her broom and mends it with glue and sticky tape instead of using a spell; and does antics that will have your little reading enthusiast rolling on the floor laughing! The series by Jill Murphy has eight amazing books to read and re-read and then read them again!

7)      The Mr. Gum series
While we are on the subject of hilarious books, here’s one more rib-tickling series your little ones will happily get hooked to! This is the story of Mr. Gum and Billy Williams the great who pretends to be a centaur by cutting off the head of a horse and wearing the costume! Gross? You don’t have the least idea what your little ones will be getting into with this hilarious series by Andy Stanton. With over a dozen amazing titles to choose from, these amazing books will prove to you, beyond a doubt why the author deserves the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for Funniest Book for Children aged Seven to Fourteen!  

8)      The Hardy Boys
Ah, the classic Enid Blyton at it again and how! This is one children’s author who has enthralled kids for ages and continues to do so even today! For someone who has grown up on Nancy Drew by Caroline Keen and the Famous Five series by Blyton; I am extremely happy to see my boy getting engrossed in the mysteries, danger, intrigue and strategies of Frank and Joe Hardy; not to forget Mr. Hardy himself the well-known detective! The Hardys ensure that they pack enough of a punch in their adventures to keep your little ones on the edge of their seats!

These are the books that have kept my reluctant reader glued so far, if you have any other favourites with your children, I would love to know about them in the comments section!

Happy Reading!!  


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