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Looking for a pig – finding the key to the universe! Book Review: George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking

I am sure you have heard of Stephen Hawking? The black-hole scientist? So, he and his daughter Lucy, have written a book called George’s Secret Key to the Universe. And here’s my review of the same!
So, George is the son of vegetarian, technology-hating, nature loving, environment enthusiasts. They grow their own vegetables and encourage George to try his hand at vegetable farming, in a small patch of land, specifically given to him for this purpose. The garden also houses George’s pet pig, Freddy. Now Freddy was a gift from grandma; but George’s parents weren’t very happy about Freddy.
George is usually free to do his will, except wander into the neighbour’s backyard which has been neglected and has overgrown like a jungle! It isn’t safe for George to go in there, say his parents. Because once upon a time, there lived an old man there – an old man with a beard reaching up to his knees, no less – who had, suddenly, disappeared one fine day!
That was enough for George and his parents…

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