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A Short Read with a Big Heart! (Book Review - Just Another Day by Piyusha Vir)

Picking up books is a lot like making friends. You don’t get attracted to all people equally, do you? Many times, you know of some people and wish to make friends with them. Other times, someone you know, knows some people, and tells you that they can be great friends. Sometimes, you share something with people, it may be a hobby or the love for the same song. But most of all, the best friends you make, are ones who you have a gut feel about. Where you sort of have a feeling that this will work out. You may not know them, you have never heard of them; and yet, you spot them and you just know, that this is going to be worthwhile.
Just Another Day by Piyusha Vir, for me, was something like that. There are enough reasons why I should have picked up the book the moment it came out – the name of the author is fairly new to the world of books, and yet, it is familiar to me; the author and I are part of the same social media circles, the author is widely endorsed by a group of fellow writer…

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