Our Mission

We at FindMyRead believe that a book is for everyone. You may be a voracious reader, or maybe someone who is just starting out on this wonderful journey in the land of books, FindMyRead is here to ensure that you make a date with your next read right here! 

No matter what your age or preferences, FindMyRead is here to help you meet your next favourite book. 

From popular books to rare classics to humour, from children's books to romantic thrillers to the latest bestsellers, FindMyRead helps you choose the one book that you have been looking forward to read.

We believe the power of choosing your next read should rest only in you, and that is why we have developed this unique concept. Unlike many existing book recommendation services, we do not give you recommendations based on what you have read previously. Instead, we give you the power to explore!

Welcome to this unique platform that is everything about books, and then some.

Hope you enjoy this concept as much as we enjoyed developing it and keep in touch with us at findmyread@gmail.com to explore something new in the world of books everyday! 

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