About Us

We believe that every book finds a reader and every person has it in them to find at least one book that they will love to read! 

We are a bunch of readers and non-readers - some raising readers, some struggling to raise them; and most of us just plain looking for an excuse to read a book! 

Everybody - young and old alike - can find a book that engages them. While some are good on their own, others need a little help pointing them in the right direction. 

With this view, we have developed FindMyRead - a concept that is really an attempt at pointing you in the direction of your next read - a book you may find interesting, a book you may love - but most importantly, a book that you have chosen!

And if you still don't like what you find, we have more in store for you. 

Welcome to the world of books where the world is what you want it to be -
you decide what book you will read next - with a little help from us!

We would love to hear from you what you think of this concept and we would appreciate your feedback on how we can make FindMyRead a better experience for you. To get in touch with us, do drop us a line at findmyread@gmail.com. 

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